california mansion website photoOceanside is a city located on the south coast of California and is the third largest city in the San Diego County. It is home to over 180,000 people. The city is also home to about 13,000 drug users, which is about 10% of the residents. The United States is presently witnessing some of the highest reported drug abuse statistics. The death toll has risen by over 500% since early 80′s. Certainly the issue is very important and needs to be addressed immediately. If you have observed any signs of drug abuse in a loved one, contact Our Addiction Rehab for assistance and information about comprehensive drug treatment programs.

Oceanside Drug Addiction Statistics

If you are an Oceanside resident, seeking help in dealing with drug dependency issues, be happy to know that you are not alone. In fact, you are a step ahead of millions who are still within the clutches of drugs and other substances. Oceanside drug abuse statistics show that an estimated 8,000 residents use marijuana and about 1,300 residents use cocaine. Apart from these, 600 people abuse hallucinogens and 300 are using inhalants. There are over 70 users of heroin and 3,500 prescription drug abusers. Last year alone, an estimated 1,000 residents were arrested on drug related charges while another 750 DUI cases were registered.

If you are attracted to any such substances, make haste. It’s time to seek help immediately. Get in touch with any of our experts at Our Addiction Rehab.

The Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Drug abuse symptoms present themselves in both physical and psychological forms. Some of the most commonly observed symptoms include insomnia, paranoia, hyperactivity, troubled social and personal relationships, troubled social conduct, lethargy, bloodshot eyes, mood swings, and also dilated pupils. Many of these symptoms can also be associated with a large number of other serious health disorders. Seek help immediately if any of your loved one exhibits a combination of these symptoms.

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Our Addiction Rehab for a Comprehensive Drug Treatment

We, at Our Addiction Rehab strive to make drug treatment as comfortable as possible for you. Our uniquely compassionate and practical approach to drug treatment is designed with consideration about your finances and also your lifestyle. At Our Addiction Rehab, we make sure that your treatment is effective and also smooth, in order to help you recover fully from the clutches of drugs and other illicit substances. In addition to this, we also provide psychological counseling and group therapy sessions to all our help-seekers to ensure that they are free from drugs, both physically and mentally. Our therapies are aimed at helping the help-seekers remain motivated and maintain a positive attitude throughout the treatment.

Contact Our Addiction Rehab for Immediate Drug Relief

Our Addiction Rehab has helped a large number of residents from Oceanside, as well as other places in California, on their way to a complete recovery from drugs. Our unique combination of compassion and advanced medical practices makes us the most favored drug treatment facility. Get in touch with our experts for more information about our drug treatment programs.