Counted as the third largest city in the San Diego County, Oceanside is a charming metropolis with a population of 183,000. Located along the southern coast of California, Oceanside is known for its unparalleled views as well as coastal attractions. Like the rest of California, Oceanside is no stranger to parties and events filled with energetic youngsters and tourists looking to have a good time. Unfortunately, some individuals in Oceanside continue to have a daily struggle with drugs as they face painful withdrawal symptoms without proper help.

Our Addiction Rehab is dedicated to helping such individuals give up their dependence on drugs and other addictive substances for a healthier addiction-free lifestyle.

The State Of Drug Addiction in Oceanside – Numbers You Should Be Aware Of

It may not be surprising to note that California ranks among the top ten states in the US for its substance abuse statistics. With nearly three million people struggling with drug addiction throughout the state, Oceanside is home to thousands of such individuals in need of immediate medical attention:

  • Marijuana users – 8,000
  • Prescription drug abusers – 3,500
  • Cocaine addicts – 1,311
  • Hallucinogens and inhalants – 930
  • Heroin addicts – 75
  • Drug related arrests (last year) – 1,010
  • DUIs (last year) – 765
  • Deaths caused by drug-related crimes – 300

If you think you are alone in the battle against drug addiction, you are wrong. Instead of feeling helpless and fighting it alone, you can choose to allow a leading facility like Our Addiction Rehab to treat you and gear you up for a drug-free future.

Are You Detecting These Symptoms In A Loved One? It Could Be Drugs!

Drugs, alcohol, prescription medication, and other addictive substances work in a similar way. As the harmful and addictive chemicals in these substances make their way into your system and create a craving for them, you may not even realize that you are falling into addiction. When your body is low on these chemicals, it reacts by exhibiting painful withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils
  • Impaired coordination and slurred speech
  • Bouts of paranoia, anxiety, and hyperactivity
  • General lethargy, mood swings, agitation, irritability
  • Suspicious smells from body, breath, and clothing
  • Sudden increase or decrease in weight
  • Disturbed patterns of sleeping and eating
  • Secretive behavior, unexplained financial crisis, lying

Do you notice these patterns in a loved one, friend, or even yourself? If so, it is best not to ignore these signs and take the first step today. Contact Our Addiction Rehab immediately to know more about how you can help your loved one give up their dependence on drugs.

Enjoy a Second Life Without Addiction at Our Addiction Rehab

Being one of the leading drug addiction treatment facilities available to Oceanside residents, Our Addiction Rehab believes in providing more than just medical care. Apart from medication and treatment, we also offer regular counseling sessions, group activities, and encourage participation in self-help groups.

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